Urbanity D&M Oy

Urbanity D&M Oy is an international and networked business partner for urban development and planning whose core business area is to find value generating solutions in the early stages of urban planning phase, construction and zoning projects. Urbanity D&M Oy acts as a reliable and responsible partner for landowners, towns and designers at the planning and land delivery stages.

Through our company you will be able to handle of all aspects of urban planning and land delivery, such as land-use reference plans and land-use planning, land plot competitions, necessary landmarking negotiations, project management, project and planning management especially in large partnership planning projects. In addition, we organize urban planning and zoning interactions, participation planning, resident events and for example geospatial map surveys that support interaction about design areas.

– Project management services for urban planning projects, planning management especially for large-scale multidimensional partnership planning projects
– Urban design consultancy (approved design consultant, qualification of urban planning)
– Preparation of land use plans, town plans, project views, preparation and guidance of land use plans, coordination of plans
– Organization and arranging of land assignment competitions, consultancy
– Feasibility studies, budgeting, various statements on master plans
– The necessary planning phase negotiations and their implementation
– We also organize interaction and communication related to urban planning and town planning, participatory planning, Residential events and, for example, interactive map surveys on design areas that support interaction
– Training, lectures, sparring

Mr. Pekka Saarinen, M.Sc. (Tech.) is a versatile professional in urban development and planning and housing production. A wide range of extensive private and public sector networks, as well as expertise in the field of public administration. Excellent interactivity and negotiation skills, as well as the comprehensive throughput of multidimensional projects and projects with value for urban and economical quality. Special expertise is at the planning stage for enabling value-adding choices and planning management in a changing operating environment. Strong evidence of promoting housing production and developing zoning, including in Helsinki and Turku. Negotiating and taking decision-making during the official career at the City Planning Department and Real Estate Department of the City of Helsinki for the construction of a similar amount of housing for several thousand dwellings in Helsinki, promoting numerous development projects in the construction sector, and through the cooperation of various actors, has carried out the most extensive partnership planning and plot delivery in Finland (Postipuisto area).

Master of Science (Construction and Economics, Building Engineering)
Urban Planner Qualification (YKS / 582)

Specialities: Land use management, urban development, feasibility studies, urban economics, property management, real estate economics and valuation, building technology, structural engineering, urban planning, design management, housing management, housing development

Pekka Saarinen, tel. +358 40 7433 708

pekka ( at ) urbanity.fi